Saturday, November 19, 2011

Etsy Nail Polish

Because I'm so thoughtful like this, I have searched Etsy for Nail Polish Queens selling their homemade wares. It's so nice to by homemade, isn't it?

Lacquistry  Jenna's glitters certainly seem to be packed full of OMGoodness and can give Lynderalla a run for her money!

Dollish Polish  sells custom Frankens.  Hoe awesome does TOXIC AVENGER look?

Nerd Lacquer  is in the lead for my favourite seller.  She makes awesome glitters and I'm currently deciding which ones to get.  Her shipping rates to Australia are also very reasonable at 6 bottles for $13.

Willow Tree Minerals are a huge chemical free!  This is fab for a home made formula.

Pure Fusion have a few colors in their range but are also chemical free.

Tammi's Tips More GLITTAH!

Glitrix sells her Frankens and also supplies in cute little star shaped bottles.

PrettyandPolished has some pretty groovy colors. Labour of Love looks gorgeous.

Not nail polish but it would be fun!

Did I miss any others selling their wares on Etsy?  And who is planning on buying what and from whom??


  1. I've heard, and only have heard, that Willow Tree's aren't actually 'handmade', but come from somewhere else - that they tell the lab what they want, and it gets made that way. Please, please, please tell me that what I heard was wrong! I've been dying for some indie nail polish that isn't glittery (no offense to glitter, I do love me some) and will buy every color they have if it's truly indie.

  2. Oh, I forgot, because I got myself in a tizzy. I'm planning on doing some hard core shopping at Nerd Lacquer. I've had my eye on No Medal for Chewie and Warrior Ethos, and... Well, the whole shop!

  3. Thank you so much for supporting my shop!
    I also am contemplating what to get from Nerd Lacquers. I already know I will buy some but it is actually quite hard to decide which ones to get!
    Lacquistry is also a favorite of mine. I will definitely be getting some of her polishes as well. Her Winter No. 1 looks very promising!

  4. Thank you for the links - I've just favourited Nerd Lacquer's 'all of time and space'.

  5. I am the owner of Tammi's Tips!!! thanks so much for adding my link! you're a doll!

  6. Shelby. Oh dear...I have no idea if they are factory made....made someone who knows for sure can step in and say?

    Pretty and Polished. My pleasure, thanks for making such cool colors!

    Pammymela. Yep, thats in my shopping basket too!

    Your'e welcome Tammi's Tips!

  7. Willow Tree seems interesting. Cute bottles and natural stuff, sounds good to me!

  8. I had no idea that there were nail polishes on Etsy. Will have a look see!

  9. I have recently bought from the first three you mentioned and they are awesome!

  10. I love my two NERDLACQUER polishes! I'm having an international NERDLACQUER giveaway on my blog right now too.

    Thanks for this fun post!!


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