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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella & Flakies Franken

Cinderella is a lovely baby blue color with pink shimmer. It is on the sheer side and these swatches were 3 coats. You can still see nail line, but 3 coats just didn't dry so I knew 4 coats were just not going to work.

I made a franken mini flakie recently containing Nfu Oh 44, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Esmalte Espectral, Nfu Oh 54 and Australia Speck-takular! This is 2 coats over Cinderella with a coat of Seche QD.

Needless to say it was still soggy the next morning! There are bald spots all my nails where the polish just slid away.  Did Cinderella ever dry on you guys??


  1. I layered Cinderella over a similar colored light blue and only used one coat so drying wasn't an issue! But I had the same problem with it not drying fully when trying to build it up layer by layer - even with a QD top coat.

  2. I just got this polish too!! I love it but it looks so pretty with your franken on top!

  3. VERY pretty! Especially with the additional flakie top coat. Too bad about the drying time, though... I have yet to pick up Cinderella, so I'm afraid I can't comment.

  4. I also love Cinderella. I had only bought 2 Sinful shades (glitters) before Cinderella because I had used some at a friends house and her Sinfuls I used just chipped something horrible right off the bat. I thought well that's what ya get for only $1.99 polish, less than 2 days wear time. But Cinderella holds for 2 days on me - almost 3 if I toss on another coat of color with another coat of SV thick clear topper. I have a Zoya flakie that is green called Opal that I have worn over Cinderella that looks a lot like your Franken - looks lovely. I also have topped mine with a Revlon super light, sheer pink glitter called Watermelon from the scented glitter collections that were out last spring/summer. It just beefs up the pink shimmer that is already there in Cinderella. I might take some Cinderella and 'Franken' it in just enough to use for one mani and see how it comes out. I want to try a jelly sandwich with one coat of Cinderella then the flakie (Opal) followed by another coat of Cinderella. Hopefully I can see the sandwich effect. Cinderella is impossible to find here in the states now. Everyone wanted it. I would see it on eBay going for $14 and $15 US dollars which is a lot when you can get it in the stores for $4.99-$5.99 typically...and there are half off sales on Revlon all the time or buy one get one free as well. Do you have the new Revlon Colorstay polish line over there yet? I really have found most of the shades did last 8-10 days on me.


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