Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pink Party #2

This is the awesome party cake Naomi made. It was huge and most of it is now in the freezer! We had pink cupcakes with pink icing, strawberries and pink marshmallow skewers, raspberry lollies, pink softdrink, pink Rice Bubble crackles, strawberries with balsamic vinegar and sugar, pink hotdogs, party pies with tomato sauce (which counts as pink!) and fudge with pink rocky road ingredients, pink balloons, pink streamers (get the idea??). The cake was also pink in everyway down to pink Princesses on top. Pink party bags with pink themed loot was also on the menu. Kids loved it and there was sugar overload....
Guests also had to WEAR pink...I chose a Hello Kitty tee and Isabelle went the Minnie Mouse with pink zebra leggings. Bunny on the other hand looked gorgeous in her pink taffeta party dress.

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  1. What a party. SWEET.
    You both are beautiful.


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