Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 in 1

Yes, I'm excited by my new polishes and did 2 manicures last night! I wasn't overly impressed with the matted Millenium, I should have left it shiny.
Here is Orly Iron Butterfly with China Glaze Millenium matte-d.

And China Glaze Hi-Tek with Black Pearl Konad. This is super shiny and wonderfully awesome.


  1. Awesome manicures. I would have loved to seen the first one shiny but it awesome the way it is too.
    Love your blog,

  2. Thanks Susie( ...my only non-family member follower...and possibly only other person who ever reads this!) I'll recreate the mani and leave it shiny so I can get some pics for you.
    Carli xx

  3. Oh my goodness. You don't have to do that but do it. LOL.
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  4. Hi I have just looked at your blog.You are really getting into the nail thing. I have to say the best set was posted on Monday 8th of March. How often do you get to enjoy nails like that !!!!!! Love you Aunty Jill


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