Saturday, January 3, 2015

smART Nails Decals Review & Nail Art

smart Nails sent me some decals to review for them and here are the designs I picked out.  I tried to go for full nail decals, rather than small pictures.

First up I got PO17, or Big teeth.

First off, the decals are colored a light grey transparent.  Which means that on the nail, it's barely visible.  While doing this jagged design I had to really look very closely as I was painting the polish, as I couldn't see where the points ended.  On my manicure you can see where I did not quite polish to the ends of the decal.  On the other hand I realised this and was more diligent on looking for the ends of the points.
See, quite transparent.

And the finished result using Hey Jude by Enchanted Polish.

Next up I tried PO19 or the Spirals.  I knew that I had to make sure to paint over the decal as once again, the decal was hard to see over my polish color.

I loved the end result!  It looked rather groovy baby.
PO45 Splats.  These looked great!  I used the Color Club Poptastics for the Splats, but again.....make sure those decal designs are painted right over to the ends!

And lastly for today is PO64 Chevrons.  These turned out a bit of a fail as I used hand cream an hour before I stuck the decals on.  And because of this they refused to tack down completely, resulting in the polish running underneath.  This was user error, so make sure you are oil free before using nail stickers...even if you used hand cream an hour before!

They were doomed so I didn't bother cleaning up, the polish got changed shortly after.
For $1.99 they are a cheap nail art option.  If you are nail stamping challenged these might be a bit easier for you to try.  If you adept at stamping, then these may be a fun alternative.  I also got the Mickey and Hello Kitty faces which I'll play with soon.
smart Nails have a FREE SHIPPING promotion on for the month of January......which ones are you going to purchase?


  1. Esta muy bien!!! Aunque soy bastante torpe para las el nail art hasta con plantillas, los diseños han quedado geniales, besos y feliz 2015 ;D

  2. These are all really lovely! I'm especially fond of the chevrons and waves.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I am stamping challenged, so maybe I'll try this option. I love the swirly ones!

  4. Adorei ... muito legal ...

  5. These look really neat! I've used Jamberry in the past, but I'll have to check these out :)

  6. I love this nails!!! It's a very beautiful work!!! =)

  7. I love these! Especially the splats. They're very colorful, no limitations. Splats will go with anything!

  8. I love these! Especially the splats. They're very colorful, no limitations. Splats will go with anything!

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  11. Where are you? I like your blog already!! Would you post more please?


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