Friday, March 22, 2013

Gelicious Aztec Blue

Recently, Gelicious posted a Facebook offer on their page offering starter kits for 70% off RRP. Even tho I own a UV lamp, and several bottles of Gel polishes and base/top coats, I was interested in trying Gelicious so purchased a set for $64.50 with free postage. It came with a LED/UV lamp, Aztec Blue and a top coat.
This is 4 thin coats of Aztec Blue, each cured for 1 minute between coats, and finished with Gelicious top coat, cured for 2 minutes.
Even tho it still has visible nail line, I really love this color and was extremely happy wearing it until day 6 when this happened:
This is the first time a Gel brand has peeled ans snapped off so badly after only 6 days of wear.  As you can see, the rest of the fingers were perfect, without any tipwear.  I had nail art plans for this color when I reached a week of wear, so I was a little disappointed.  I could have repainted this finger and kept on going...but you know what us nail freaks are like, can't keep the same color on for too long anyway!
I'm eager to try the Gelicious black as I haven't yet had a good run finding a decent Gel black formula.  Anybody else have either of these colors and what do you think of Gelicious?


  1. I have used the Thuya nail semi permanent polish and it is fabulous, you have to put it carefully using the base coat and top coat, but if you put it right il lasts for very long time, I recommend the line, It worked for me really well.

  2. That blue is gorgeous! Bummer it snapped off though.

  3. I love delicious... have never had anything happen like yours though! Most likely a one off?! I do have the gelicious black and it is pretty good, although for some reason I don't find it quite as easy to apply as the lighter colours. I have never tried any other gel brand either :)

  4. :P GELicious... not delicious!!

  5. Such a beautiful, relaxing hue.

    ♥ Jessica


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