Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gelish Sunrise In The City

Still on my gel playing phase, this time with Gelish Sunrise In The City.  I really like this one with it's duochrome flash, which I couldn't really capture on film, Murphy's Law.  It got a lot of comments which is also always nice.
I started with Gelish base coat, cured with a UV lamp for a minute, 3 coats of Sunshine In The City, each coat cured for 1.5 minutes and finished with Gelish top coat, cured for 2 minutes.

And here it is 10 days later.  Still perfect except for my little finger which lifted at the edge.  I could have peeled it off and redone it, but I was ready for a change.


  1. So pretty!! I need to keep saving and get on this gel train. I really enjoyed having them on when I gave them a test run.

  2. I do "gelish sandwiches" all the time...and get 2 weeks. So I'm lovin' the gel manicure. I'm saving my money to get the Gelish 18g lamp as I now feel UV lamp is taking too long.

  3. This is like an especially glam and shimmery take on what I like to imagine the surface of the sun looks like. So pretty!

    ♥ Jessica


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