Monday, June 3, 2013

The Sydney Fair Giveaway!



When:  Thursday 13th June (from 5pm) to Sunday 16th June

Where:  Byron Kennedy Hall, Moore Park

Media contact: Christine Stani 0433 127 245
If you are keen to keep up to date with our exhibits please follow us on Twitter @The_Sydney_Fair.
Hot off the heels of the Great Gatsby phenomenon the all new Sydney Fair is set to bring a luxurious 1920s Gatsby inspired shopping experience to Sydney.  From glorious original beaded flapper dresses to rare iconic headpieces and even the lounge from the movie.  Fashion forward vintage lovers will be lost in a sea of beads, sequences, feathers and metallics, all testament to the roaring ‘20s.

·         Hats off in homage to Great Gatsby era
·         Step back in time to an exhibition of Hollywood fashion and film in the 1920s
·         Great Gatsby inspired movie props

Flapper, film and fashion exhibition – a rare opportunity to take a step back in time and view a never before seen exhibition of 1920s original fashion and film including rare evening gowns, cloches, coats, shawls and jewellery.  And, captured in film will be a display of authentic 1920s silent movie cameras, cinema projection units and microphones as well as early radios and phonograms.

Hats off in homage to Great Gatsby era – As one of Australia’s only hat stylists, Jacinta Christian will showcase her incredible collection of more than 150 original hats from New York and Chicago spanning 1920 to 1970! With a particular focus on the 1920’s, Great Gatsby deco era of headbands with feathers, flapper headbands with sequins and cloche, Jacinta’s spectacular collection means no face shape or occasion is un-hat able! Each and every hat is one of a kind and boasts its own special vintage history!  

Gatsby movie inspired props – from Gatsby’s sofa, Daisy’s diamond ring, to dress clips and brooches.  An original 1920s art deco sofa with stained birch arms and hand carved lion’s feet.  Complete with original fabric and gentle curved seat.   A fair highlight is an original platinum 4.5carat aquamarine diamond ring inspired by Gatsby’s Daisy Buchannan.  One of Australia’s leading gemmologists and vintage expert, Elizabeth Stevens will showcase her sought after jewellery collection some of which were utilised during the filming of The Great Gatsby.


Now for the super dooper part!  **I have 5 DOUBLE PASSES to giveaway for the OPENING NIGHT event!  Normally $30 each!**

The first 5 Sydney based followers to email me with their mailing address will receive them.  I'll update this post once all tickets have been allocated.

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  1. I want to cry because I don't live in Sydney. Or even in Australia. Because this is the coolest giveaway EVER.


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