Monday, June 10, 2013

Um, No...He Went To The Pawn Shop

The husband LOVES the name of this polish.  Hence I have to keep it for ever, just so he can pick it up every few months and have a laugh.

This is one coat of Um, No...he went to the Pawn shop by Crows Toes.  As always with Crows Toes, one coat of glitter is all you are going to need.  As you can see, this glitter sparkles in both natural (first pic) and artificial (second pic) lights.

I layered it over another Crows Toes polish: Celaeno.  Another of Lauri's amazing multichrome colors which needs absolutely no coaxing to get it to change a myriad of colors.

Want these?  Llarowe and Overall Beauty both stock Crows Toes colors.


  1. That is a great name!!! If I was headed to Vegas and was planning to pop into the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (aka, the Pawn Stars store), that's the polish I want to wear for sure! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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