Sunday, August 4, 2013

LAV Lacquer Primadonna Gal

Did you guys know that I have more purple polish in my drawers than any other color......but do not own a single piece of purple clothing??  Purple looks horrid on me but I love it in polish!

Primadonna Gal polish includes Purple holographic tiny hex glitter with the addition of grand illuminating turquoise and silver hexes.  Do check it out over black as it looks gorgeous.  I layered mine over Crows Toes Tangete.

LAV Lacquer has it's own Etsy shop and be sure to enter Dij's giveaway!


  1. That's really interesting! It instantly made me stop and think, what colour polishes do I own the most of? Reds and pinks, by far, and I have plenty of both in my wardrobe, but there are certainly some hues that I gravitate towards in the nail polish aisle more than for my closet, because they don't work as well on me in large doses. Lime green and medium tone oranges are two that spring to mind in particular.

    ♥ Jessica


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