Friday, August 9, 2013

Lust Have It & Violet Box Reviews

I have recently been sent 2 Monthly boxes and  after a couple of weeks of testing items, I have my posts ready for review. 
First up,  I have previously been a member of several monthly Branded boxes and since discontinued all of them.  I felt that the million lip glosses, lip balms and perfume samples were consuming me alive and that it was time to stop.  After receiving these 2, I was a lot more excited to see a few different items and NO more organic lip balm!

The May Lust Have It box arrived with 2 Nicole nail polishes.  For a non-recovering polish addict, these 2 colors were surplus to my requirements but it was nice to see a good brand of polish included, even tho they were mini's. 

There was a gloss, unfortunately, in a garish color I threw straight into Miss 12's dressing table.

The Seacret buffer came in very handy while on holiday in HK when all my gel polish had peeled off and I needed to get my nails looking decent for a few days.  The shine on my nails is still there one month later!

Pawpaw ointment is a wonder cream in our household.  It gets put on everything from burns to rashes to insect bites and cuts.  To have another tube of this is always very welcome.

The 2 Paula's Choice samples I have not yet tried as I don't have a redness problem.

The Violet Box for June was fabulous.  Everything in there were items I could use.

The Avene Gentle Gel cleanser has been to the beach and on holidays to Queensland and is still 3/4 full.  You only need a small amount to wash away makeup.  It's quite rich and takes a little while to feel that it's all been completely washed off.

John Plunkett Glyco Peel peel I have been using for a couple of weeks and I love it.  I am a huge fan of Glycolic Acid and do a peel every month, with Glyco wipes in the meantime.  This one is 25% and makes my skin peel in patches the day after. 

I use Argan Oil to tame my frizzy mop so another mini bottle is always handy for purses.

The Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty perfume sample was also wasted on me as perfume gives me a headache.

The CK Gloss eyecolor was a little disappointing as the color is quite horrid.....for me.  This was gifted to Miss 5 to play with!

Lash Control Brow Fix came just in time as my Becca one is also gone!  This dries brows quite stiff and is just the way I like my brows to be.

It was fun to receive these boxes and to start testing.  I am lucky to not have sensitive skin so I can swap my skin care regime around for a few weeks and not worry about side effects. 

Based on the June box, Violet Box seems great value for money for $22.95.  I also received a coupon for a months free Charlotte Dodson TV and a $5 off more Lash Control products.

Lust Have It subscriptions start at $19.95 and have several styled boxes to choose from including a Bridal one. 

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  1. Very cool review post - I've heard of, but never personally used, this kind of beauty box subscription before. That gloss, eye-catching to say the least! Perhaps not the most practical everyday colour by any means (though orange gloss can usually be layered over red lippy quite successfully). I can certainly see why you passed it along to Ms. 12 and likewise why Ms. 5 got the Godzilla inspired eyeshadow gloss. It's a fun colour, but hard for most adults to wear in any kind of real world context.

    ♥ Jessica


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