Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Recent Thrift Finds

Um, hello???? 
How could I possible leave this amazingly cute biscuit barrel behind? 
No, I didn't think you could either.

More bird wall vases and ridiculously cute mousies.

Again, squirrel cute overload.

A piece of Ellis pottery for an amazing $4. 
All my thrifting karma will have disappeared now for a few months.

The Sexy Man found me this 60's glazed bear and I found the vase in the middle at the back at the last Swap Meet.

A 60's beaded dress for $6

Vintage copper Mexican cuff $2

And a gorgeous colored celluloid bangle (top) for $10

What bargains have you guys found lately?


  1. Oh my word, that cookie/biscuit jar has slayed me with its epic cuteness, brought me back to life and slayed me again. It is adorable beyond words!!! Stellar finds one and all, sweet dear!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Well, the thrift gods have blessed you lately for sure! I'm particularly jealous of the '60s dress and that fantastic celluloid bangle.

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    thank you <3


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