Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teddy Bear Nail Polish!

At a Karon Beach Market in Phuket (the same market where we ate caterpillars, but that's another story) I found these damn cute nail polish bottles!  Shaped like a teddy bear and from the Thai brand ARMY Nail Color.  Unfortunately I cannot find any other details about this brand and the bottles seemed to be numbered rather than named.  They converted to 66 cents each AUD, so they were a MEGA bargain.
This color is number 7 and is a lovely Vampy Blood Red, my fave shade of polish.  It wore extremely well, 4 days without chipping before I tired of it.  It does stink, so obviously not 3 free.  I grabbed the only colors that appealed to me, the rest were rather frosty looking.

Has anyone else seen this brand and bottle shape around?


  1. I love the packaging and the color looks great too

  2. Cutest nail polish bottles ever! I love the juxtaposition of a dark, sultry shade of Bordeaux in a darling little twee teddy bear like that.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. So cool, i want them all !
    Such my Colors.
    Love Teddy design hihi :)



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