Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Bakelite Collection

I had to take photos of my Bakelite collection this week to accompany an interview I have been asked to do, so thought I would share them with you all as well.  To date this is my collection above.  As I type there are a few bits and bobs making their way to me in the mail usual.

I do have a spend limit on my pieces, and that limit is quite low as to what Bakelite is now worth.  As a result I have to choose wisely and find those BARGAINS! For instance, I won't pay more than $10 per spacer bangle.

They are displayed on velvet bracelet tiered racks.  I found these on eBay for $16 each plus about $20 delivery from China.  I color arrange my bangles as I find it makes it much more time efficient when matching outfits.
The bottom row, bar the end Bakelite elastic bracelet, is all celluloid and vintage copper.  I love my Aztec copper cuffs to death and want more.  They are hard to come by now and when I do see them they are usually priced way too high.
And the 'bits n bobs'.  My earring collection is quite small.....I need to remedy this.  But a lot of Bakelite earrings come as clip ons, which aggravate my ears, and I absolutely refuse to convert them to posts.  This is vintage BARBERY, SAVAGERY and completely devalues them.  DO NOT DO IT.
I do like the screw on style tho, you can tighten these to your liking and they do not hurt my fragile lobes.  The earring posts you can find more on the 70's Bakelite pieces.

The above is my current 'favourite' pile.  The bottom marbled on the right and the pink are from Brighter Bakelite, so they have been freshly polished and have the most amazing colors.

I would love to see your stash of Bakelite if you want to send me a link!


  1. What a grand collection! Quite impressive and with so many unique pieces! I love the cat one you have there!

    I'm not a Bakelite broad myself, which many of my friends like, since it means more for them! And we don't get into fights over it. But I still own some token pieces.

  2. So fun to see! I have a few pieces from my mom from when she was a teenager, and I really never wear them. I may need to remedy this.

  3. It is like I have gone to Bakelite heaven! Gosh, you have so many stunning pieces that I am in absolute awe. And total envy!

  4. Oh my goodness, I've been looking at Bakelite on ebay.... $400 for a single bangle! Granted it was carved and a beautiful shade of pea green but lordy... That's an investment. Knowing the cost of what they are going for now, you've got a small fortune in Bakelite gorgeousness there.

  5. I literally drool when I see your collection! I'm focusing on collecting a few more unique pieces right now, but of course if I see a piece I know will be pink, I can't resist! ;) Are there any colors/styles you are on the lookout for?
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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