Monday, June 9, 2014

Ciate Chalkboard Nails

Yes, I know this fad has been and gone already!  But one of the Aussie cheap sites had a sale on all things Ciate and marked their packs down to $ I bought one of each!  Today is chalkboards....I have feathers, velvet and foil to go!

The black matte polish included was rather nasty, streaky and horrible to apply.  The "chalk" markers needed a lot of pumping before they decided to work.  Maybe these packs were marked down for a reason?

The end result was rather elementary looking (haha, I made a it?  No?)  but not to mind as this horrible matte polish chipped in big chunks within hours!  I promptly threw it in the bin and will try the markers again on another branded polish.

Who bought this pack and did you like them?


  1. Good on you for giving it a try! I was really tempted to buy some but thought I'd be good and stick to my no buy. I definitely would have made more of a mess than you with it!

    PS - we know you rule ;)

  2. I did, and I am not impressed either! :( And I paid full price. Ouch. Such a good idea, but the markers er bad and the tips should have been thinner. The matte polish quickly wears to a quite shiny. My set just lies in the polish drawer.


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