Friday, June 13, 2014

Love Vintage Show Melbourne


The Love Vintage Show in Melbourne was on a couple of weekends ago so The Sexy Man and I toddled off, minus the children thanks to my parents babysitting.  It was not such a freezing cold day so I took advantage of wearing my brightest concoction, minus a cardigan.  The Sexy Man wore a mix of decades from his 60's suit to a 40s tie to a modern shirt.

I have found out in recent days that this weekend was probably our last Love Vintage as the show has been cancelled.  I am not sure if it was due to lack of visitors or vendors, but this show was lacking in both when we attended.  It was almost half the size of last year, and quite dead with customers.  I wonder if this is due to vintage not being quite so "popular" with fashion designers this year?
Whatever the reason for the cancellation, we are quite upset.  Love Vintage was the last big Show on in Melbourne and it's left quite a hole in the market.  Hopefully someone else will revive it and start it up again for next year.

My nails were OPI DS Extravagence.

And the wonderful Audrey Scarlett Vintage had tickets for us waiting at the door! Yay for Catherine!

My purse is a vintage JR of Miami.  It got more comments than the dress.

My one and only purchase!  Oh, don't get me wrong.....I COULD have bought a $950 Hot Pink 50's coat if I had the money.  But this little hat from Audrey Scarlett Vintage was a jaunty little find which I can't wait to wear out.  If only I had a grey and burgundy outfit to match it.......

Who can update me with news on the Love Vintage Shows status?

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  1. You both look EXQUISITE! Your frock is gorgeous, the handbag does not need to be told how divine it is and... OH MY GAWD... do NOT even get me started on that stunning hat!

    I heard that the Love Vintage promoters are not making enough $$$ to make it worth their while. I'm also devastated that they have been cancelled.

    Fortunately, we have other things to look forward to... such as the Bright Rod Run in November?! SAY YES!

    Love, Sarah xxx


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