Monday, October 27, 2014

Carmen Miranda with Trashy Diva

 We were rushing to catch an 8am train when the husband told me to STOP, pose then jump into the car.  Amazingly, he did a better job in a spilt second than 15 minutes of 'proper' posing.

No full length shots, but really it was all just boring after the fruitiness and colorfulness that was my top half.  The dress is by Trashy Diva and I LOVE everything about it.  I love how there are only snatches of color on it so I can accessorise over the top.  I love the fabric and how it just hangs nicely and without ironing before hand if you can't be bothered.  I also love the length and how I didn't have to pay a tailor to take off 5 inches for me!

Arm fulls of Bakelite for maximum jingle jangle.  And my ring is glass and made by me.

And my nails even co-ordinated.
Dress: Trashy Diva
Hair Flower: Uncle Fezter Flowers
Vintage Celluloid Necklace: Prettykitty13
Lipstick: Stila Beso


  1. You look SENSATIONAL, dear gal!!! No one rocks bold hues, arm fulls of bangles, and fabulous nails better than you!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! It is a fun outfit to wear....anything to get attention!

  2. I bloody love this entire outfit! My Mama would have been fighting me for a grope if we'd both been in reach, as she loved Carmen Miranda! Just GLORIARSE! XXX

  3. I adore all of the color in this outfit!

    This dress has been tempting me for awhile! I keep thinking about it!


  4. I loveeeeeee this outfit so much! You always look amazing! x


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