Friday, October 17, 2014

My Vintage Navajo Turquoise Jewellery Collection

When I was a teenager my Nana gave me a 1970's turquoise ring.  I then took a fancy to all things turquoise and as I got older bought myself a couple of bracelets.  However I had always lusted after a large Squash Blossom necklace, but for some reason never bought myself one.  After looking at them again a couple of months ago I was shocked to discover that the prices of anything Navajo related, and especially vintage in era, had sky rocketed in price!   Jewellery that was once in an affordable to cheap price range is all of a sudden selling for almost crazy turquoise in 'fashion' again?? 
Squash Blossom necklaces were almost out of my reach financially!

I panicked.

So bought 2 of them.

My collection as of now.

My vintage origins started when I was a teenager and I dressed in 70's clothing.  The hippie Boho era called my name and it has never really left.  I do prefer my 50's cupcake style of dressing but in Winter I do revert to my inner Boho child.  I intend on morphing back into a hippie chick in my elderly years.....I think I will rock it.

I collect vintage sterling turquoise as I can be assured that the Turquoise stone is natural and of a high standard.  Modern pieces are now mostly 'block', or plastic, Turquoise.  Modern, cheap pieces come in a nickel silver setting instead of a sterling silver setting.  If you are purchasing turquoise for the first time, please be wary of anything on eBay.  Block Turquoise is also being made with a black matrix running though it and to the untrained eye can look exactly like the real thing!  Read the descriptions carefully and if in doubt, email the seller and ask the origin of the turquoise, any makers initial stamps, and what silver content it tests for.  American turquoise is found in vintage pieces and therefore more valuable than the modern Indian found turquoise.

Also, have a price in mind and stick to it.  My large needlepoint cuff bangles were purchased at very low prices, while others the same size and age sold for hundreds of dollars the same week on eBay.  Search, search, search, put items on watch and compare prices before purchasing. 
Makers can also reflect the price.  You may find a needlepoint cuff for $1,000 but the maker was a well known silversmith.  And then you may see an almost similar cuff for a tenth of a price.  The only difference is that silversmith is/was not well known.  If you don't care about makers, like me, then a lower priced piece, but just as well made, will be fabulous for you.
This Squash Blossom is on it's way to me.  It is a massive size with each blossom measuring 2" and the Naja 3.5" in diameter.  I got it for an incredible price on eBay ( I think it flew under the radar...phew!) and I feel incredibly lucky The Sexy Man said I could have it as my wedding Anniversary present.
Who else collects turquoise?  And can I see your stash photos?!  I do love stash pics.


  1. Your collection is beautiful! I have a few pieces but nothing as spectacular as what you have.

  2. Breathtakingly wonderful collection!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. This colour is so beautiful! love your collection :)

  4. Wonderful collection! I recently started collecting turquoise as well. It's slow going, but getting there! I need more bracelets!


  5. Yet another reason we were meant to be friends! ;) My first vintage "looks" were in high school and were always hippie. My dad was a long haired surfer back in the day, and I grew up listening to Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. I do the 40s/50s thing now, but I rock the 60s too. ;) We can be old lady hippies together.
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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