Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chi Chi Bubble Gum Pop Confetti Set

Target had a sale on Chi Chi cosmetics recently, and from previous experience I knew their pack sets if polish are usually pretty good value.  The pastel set I reviewed awhile ago was excellent value for money.  This Bubble Gum Pop Confetti set was $13 on sale, so it breaks down to $1.62 per polish.....pretty damn cheap by Australian standards.

Unfortunately, the formula on this set was pretty average.  It took a good 3 coats for opacity and then the glitter was too thick to look clean and flat.   I tried to move the glitter around for better placement, but it left bare patches in the polish and when I tried to fix this next problem, the polish built back up again and was left gloopy.  To finish swatching these took a huge amount of will power.

Chi Chi don't name their pack polishes unfortunately.

Pale Blue

Mint Green.  This was the most horrid formula out of the bunch.  I'm sure a couple of coats of topcoat would have helped the glumpiness, but it was just too horrid to bother perfecting.

Lilac.  The formula on this color was the best, as the polish didn't have as many glitter colors as the rest.  This one, with top, would be quite wearable.

Pale Pink.


Dark Pink


And White.  This was probably my favourite but I have several white with rainbow glitters in my collection and all are much better polishes than this one.

Have any other Aussie's purchased this set from Chi Chi?  What did you think of it?


  1. Oooh, what super pretty polishes! They instantly make me think of Easter candy and decorations. My faves are the white and pale blue ones.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. They are pretty! I have polish with similar formulas, and I had to try them again (some polish and formulas just need a bit more TLC lol) , but instead of layering multiple layers of the glitter polish, I applied a base of matching colour (one that is opaque in one coat to keep the layers to a minimum...), one coat of the glitter polish, one coat of glitter food and one coat of totally transformed my opinion about the polishes...made them so pretty and wearable.

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