Sunday, November 23, 2014

COLOUR By T.B.N Moisturising Lipstick Swatches

Totally Beauty Network challenged me to try their new COLOUR range of lipsticks and dared me to find better value for $2.50.  Yes, $2.50 for a lipstick!  The new COLOUR by TBN collection has 20 shades, all with the added benefit of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help care for our lips.

My first impression was that the packaging was rather fun.  Each case reflects the color, so it would be handy knowing which lipstick you are grabbing without needing to check the bottom for the name.  The bullet is silver and the logo is embossed on the black bottom.  The cases are very lightweight and the lipstick had a nice fragrance, not a nasty one like you would expect from a cheap lipstick.

Each color swatched very smoothly and evenly in 2 swipes.  The swatches are from left to right:


Our First Kiss 870 which is a Dusty Pink. 
Pucker Up 872 which is a Flamingo Pink.   
Lovers Smooch 876 is a Bold Pink and
Lip Attitude 877 is a Plum.

Hurry Up and Kiss Me 879 is a Ruby Red.
Pout Those Lips Girl! 888 is a Plum.
And Kiss and Make Up is an Orange.
As you can see, all the colors are very pigmented after 2 swipes.  I kept Hurry Up and Kiss Me on for several hours and it stayed magnificently.  I was surprised that a $2.50 lipstick could *surprise* me and I am glad that TBN gave me the chance to try something I normally would never would have purchased.  The range also includes colors such as Magenta and a Gold, which I am interested in seeing....maybe I should go seek out a stockist?  To find one near you go to the Total Beauty Network website or call 1300 765 332.


  1. I like lippies in cases the same colour, so much easier to find.

  2. Why am I not surprised you kept the bright red and bright orange? These shades and the tubes look identical to ones we have in the US made by Maybelline - I've had a few of them and had pretty good luck with them far as staying true color on and lasting pretty well with a tad of stain to the lips when the surface color is gone which I like.

  3. They really do look fabulously pigmented. That's something I almost always hunt for in a lippy, so it's great to know that this brand delivers on that front.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Ooh Hurry Up & Kiss Me looks like a fab colour. I think I need to add it to my 30-odd lipsticks :)

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