Friday, May 14, 2010

*Begs* Is this a dupe for Nfu-Oh 51???

I'm kinda obsessed with Nfu-Oh 51, probably mainly because it's a polish that is out of my reach and always will be since Australia doesn't stock it.

So, after having a bit of a play I think I may have found a 'just as good as' but because I have never seen #51 IRL I need YOU guys to tell me if I'm close!

This is 4 coats of Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl, which is a beautiful jelly shade with micro purple glitter. Which pictures DO NOT capture, even after 40 attempts! After 4 coats you could still see faintly VNL in direct light but the color is definately one of my favourites and I'll be buying a backup bottle with my next CC order.
Then 2 coats of Gosh Rainbow. The color is so freakin awesome! I can't stop looking at my fingys and twinkling them in the sunlight. I CLOSE???!!


  1. It's close, but 51 seems to catch a lot more colours in the flakie.

    Never give up though! I'm sure you can find someone willing to swap for it!

  2. It's very close but 51 is duochrome and flashesgreen, blue, red and at times an orangey hue.
    If you really want 51 I'm happy to cp it for you love.

  3. Looks gorgeous whether it's dupey or not! That is a lot of layers though.

    Thought I should let you know about a great stamping polish I just found: Mode Runway. It's a medium teal creme that looks gorgeous stamped over silver or what I have it over right now - Orly Rage.

  4. Thx evilangel (goodangel?!), I am not sure what cp means but whatever it is I might take ya up on it! Email me whenever you are up for a swap/buy.

    Thx Millie, I'll look out for Runway at the chemist next time I pop in.

  5. Very close, but like Evil Angel said, #51 flashes every color in the rainbow, red, yellow, orange, green and blue. Still Gosh Rainbow is beautiful, that's one polish I want!


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