Sunday, May 16, 2010

L.A Girls Groupie & Random Swatches

This color is awesome and going only by online swatch pics, VERY close to Zoya Mimi ( so ignore my lousy pics and go find a swatch on Mimi!). It's an awesome glitter purple but my camera HATES purple and refuses to co-operate with anything in that shade. This was 2 coats of before said awesomeness with China Glaze Millenium stamping using one of my new Bundle Monster plates. One coat of Seche QD. Pics are in sun and in shade. It's quite blingy and shiny, perfect for a freezing cold Winter's day!

Just a little swatch of Milani Fairy Tale which is a perfect darker than dark Navy base with bright aqua glitter. Gorgeous! 2 coats.

And one from L.A Girls Metal line, Sterling, which is a bring it on, put ya sunnies on shine!! Love it! 2 coats. Pics are in light and in shade.


  1. that KOTD is stunning, i'm so doing it!

  2. Le nail art est superbe. et j'aodre les couleurs des vernis.

  3. Lovely! Sterling looks just as bright and pretty as 'Trixie' by Zoya :)


  4. Woooow these are gorgeous!!! <3<3<3

  5. Love. Especially the first one. :)

  6. Damn girl you do good konading. Your Millenium over Groupie is amazing!! You should put together a tutorial for me in how to get the stamp lined up on my finger straight. I end up with it skewiff of every time.

  7. Also - Where did you buy your LA girls Metal line??

  8. thanks all! The Millenium is an awesome color to stamp with, it comes out so shiny.

    Kitties, I just roll it on and hope for the best most of the time! I try and line up the straighter patterns, like the Jester, to make it look even but ya know what those annoying people say...practice makes perfect. *cringes* so sorry!
    My right hand is harder to do and it's not for no reason that I only photograph my left hand!

    I got the Metals and Milanis from I got a few of the Metals and the colors are pretty cool and different from what I already have which is a bonus. CC also have great shipping charges, I got 29 polishes and shipping was $29!


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