Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CG Unplugged & Mode Diamonte...& Giveaways!

I'm loving this mani but not loving the photos, it won't show the BLING!! These nails are SUPER DOOPER blingy with rainbow blindness! I'm sure I have shown them to everyone I know at least twice.
2 coats of China Glaze Unplugged, a lovely shimmery chocolate color with 2 coats of Mode Diamonte (an Australian brand on the cheap side at only $2.45 a bottle...I even stocked up on a second bottle of this for a backup). No top coat was needed as they were nice and smooth.


Don't forget to enter my giveaway, SEE BELOW!

Fellow polish blogger, Fun and Mental CHanges,, who is giving away a heap of great stuff! is giving away heaps of items I really want! is having a 50 follower giveaway with 17 fantastic items! is giving away Chloe Mood polishes....groovy! is giving away FLAKIES!!! AARRGGGHHH!!!


  1. Really pretty manicure. Congrats on being OVER 100 followers. :)

  2. That is fabulous! Wow!
    Australian brand, eh? (Hehe JK) I am really going to look them up.

  3. Very pretty,m its like "Bronzed Bling"...beautiful!


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