Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Monday

I decided to swatch some of the untrieds from my blues stash.  Only problem is, I did this late at night so my photos are not the best quality.  I have had to include a few fuzzy ones to show the true colors.

L.A Girl Matte Blue Twilight. Two coats. First pic shows the true color of this denim colored matte, second shows how unforgiving this polish is!! It shows every lump, bump and brush stroke.

Asian polish, Lucidarling. No name on bottle but from memory the ebay seller listed it as Indigo. It's a metallic foil, nothing special. Two coats.

L.A Girl Metal, Alkaline Blue. The bottle shows a mettalic Indigo blue flashing a deep purple and it's gorgeous. The purple flash translates a little onto the nail, you can see on the edges a faint purple flash. Two coats.

CCUK Midnight Blue. I had never heard of or seen this brand before I found them in a Priceattack hairdressers. This was the nicest of the poor selection they had. Bordering on black save for the Navy sparkle which you can just see. Much nicer IRL. Two coats.

Orly Lunar Eclipse. Much more interesting in the bottle than on the nail I'm afraid. Second phtoto shows the true color.  I desperately wanted to love this one but I much prefer my L.A Girl Alkaline Blue. Two coats.

It's a public holiday here today which means kids home from school and general chaos all round. It is nice not having to get up and be ready to run out the door by 8:30, so we are all sitting around in our pj's!
Have fun everyone!


  1. Oooh ... I like that CCUK one. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled - I didn't even know Price Attack sold polish *makes a note to visit next time*

  2. absolutely love the orly color and CCUK Midnight blue! :) great swatches!

  3. Amei... tudo azul... amo azul!!

    Beijos ...



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