Monday, June 13, 2011

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag!

Warning: Vintage peeps, you will be jealous. BIG TIME.

This is my bargain of the decade. I say decade because I really can't remember the last time I scored so wonderfully well on something I love so much.

The details: A 1950's lucite purse / handbag. This is special because not only is it in a rarer barrel shape, but it's GOLD glitter and sparkly!   Click on the pics to see it in all her glory! 

The lady I purchased it from said her Mother originally bought it in Paris in the 50's and promptly put it into the wardrobe as she loved it too much to use. It's in almost mint condition. 'Almost' because the woman who sold it to me dropped it a few days before I got it, causing a crack to form around one of the handles.   DOH!  Otherwise, it's in perfect condition without even any wear to the feet on the bottom.  When she named her price I almost dropped dead.

How much?? $25!!!

Pants: Tara Starlet
Top: $4 from K-mart
Brogues: Wittner
Assorted bakelite sourced from e-Bay
Hair flower: Dynamite-darlin on e-Bay
Lippie: MAC Ruby Woo


  1. Eeep! I love it!

    I adore little vintage hand carry bags. If I had the budget, I would own every one on the planet. :D

  2. Thx Miss I!

    Ice Queen. Hehe, you would have to beat me to them!

  3. Girl-You ARE owning the world today in every one of your pictures!!!! Kimmer K

  4. Love that bag Carli yes very jealous......

  5. Yay for Kimmy K!

    Thx MariaAndrea and Pretty ;)

    Sorry can borrow it anytime tho!

  6. I love your whole look, especially the purse!

    Amy x

  7. You are too cute for words! Fantastic purse.


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