Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jessica Best Actress

I have sooooo many untrieds, I really should do an All Lacquered Up project and get thru them all. I don't have 365 of them tho.

This is Jessica, Best Actress. I don't know much about this brand and wasn't aware it was available in Australia until I found a little hairdresser in Bendigo with a bin full of them. I rummaged thru and got half a dozen as they were priced at only $2.50.

Two coats, first picture in full sunlight and second picture is under artificial light. It's a Berry Red with micro fuschia and silver sparkle. Pretty color but not a drop dead 'absolutely mah-vellous darling' color.

I added a coat of Milani Gems. The photos don't show it as spectacularly wonderful but it was a very pretty mani that generated a few comments.

I apologise that my mani's are not spectacularly creative lately. My stamping mojo is not as strong lately....the freezing cold Winter has made me a lazy bum. I hope to get creative again soon!


  1. I love that combo, so pretty(: also, just curious, if u used wet n wild then why r u holding a Milani bottle? Unless my eyes are messed up and it really is wet n wild

  2. Kelly. You are right! I told ya I've lost my mojo. Will update it!

  3. Jessica's for $2.50! Hot damn!! Great red by the way! :)

  4. Very pretty. Love the glitter also.


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