Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Favourites: Nails

These are *some* of my favourite nail posts from 2011. These colors weren't necessarily released last year....I just like them!

Lippmann Across The Universe

Chemistry 230 over Black

Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space

China Glaze High Maintenance

OPI Red my Fortune Cookie

Claire's Mood Changing

Color Clubs Poptastic Collection

China Glaze Marry a Millionaire

Models Oen Emerald Black

Kleencolor Metallic Purple

 Bb Couture Dragon's Breath

Orly Ole

Models Own Magenta Pearl over Black

Models Own Purple Blue

BB Couture Napa Valley Red

Going back thru my blog, it was amusing to see how my nails have changed. I used to prefer them quite short and filed square but I now prefer them longer and in an almond shape.


  1. The Colour club poptastic one is amaaaazzinnnnnggg!!! Did you do it with a striping brush? Love it!

  2. They are ALL so very beautiful!

  3. I have the Ozotic version of Chemistry 230 and it's definitely one of my favourites this year!

  4. So many great polishes! I think the mood changing polish with the stamping is my overall favorite here, but for color, Emerald Black has my vote. That one didn't get enough love in the blogosphere IMO.

  5. I love that metallic purple and magenta pearl.

  6. I looooove All of Time and Space and still need to get my hands on Across the Universe!

  7. I love AtU, Marry a Millionaire, and All of Time and space. Can you tell I love me some glitter? ;)
    Great list!

  8. Wow, love them all! Great finds <3

  9. Fantastic picks, it's so hard to narrow them down to just a few!

  10. Carli,
    l need to know about those bow and spots how cute! Also for us non nail people a few tips on nail care how do you get them to look so lovely?

    Leah x

  11. All of these are so super gorgeous! <3 <3 <3

  12. The two I definitely have are the BB Couture. Love their polishes. I've got to buy Marry a Millionaire. Wow, all that gorgeous glitter. You picked some really beauties. I did notice that your nails had changed shape. I love the almond shape. I had mine like that 2 years ago. When they broke I never went back to that shape.


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