Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Flakie Extravanganza!

This was one of those mani's where you are happy with just the base color, then the next day decide to add just a little something else, then add another coat of another thing...then before you know it your mani is 8 coats deep....but looks wonderful!

I started with 3 coats of Nabi Metallic Sky Blue...??? I don't know if I have a mislabeled bottle, but it doesn't look very blue to me.
Nabi is a new brand to me, I found a rack of it recently in a discount cosmetic shop.  It stinks to high heaven but the color is gorg.

Then did a coat each of Nfu Oh 40, 44 and 54.  Yes, I do realise that there are several brands that have recently brought out multicolored flakie topcoats, but I don't own any of them!

It turned out incredibly glossy and sparkly and I was completely happy for half a day.

Then added a coat of Essie Matte.

Nice, huh?


  1. Super duper Amazing!!
    I love this manicure Carli, it's so Extravagant!!!

  2. I don't usually like matte polish, but that really makes the flakies glow! However, that red on it's own is gorge.

  3. I know that thing about being happy with a mani for half a day! :D I like all three of them though.

  4. Very nice, the trouble I have when I end up 8 coats deep, is they chip like crazy. Not that that stops me, mind you, it's just an observation lol!

  5. Thanks girls!

    Megan. Me too, but sometimes it's worth it!

  6. I really like the blue flash going on here :)

  7. Wow! It was beautiful without flakie goodness, but the flakies and then matteify-ing really makes this an amazing mani!

  8. woweee that is super pretty


  9. Your nails look like jewels. Love those flakies. Glad they're being brought out more this year.


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