Saturday, February 25, 2012

Butter London No More Waity Katey

OK, hands up who has bought a polish JUST for the name it was given. Come one, ALL of you put your hands up! You know you have!!

No more waity Katey was the polish for me. The name is wonderful and the meaning is clear. Poor girl, imagine having to wait 10 years before becoming a future Queen of England! Really, William.

This was 3 coats. The color really doesn't rock my world but it doesn't matter....I only bought it for the name.


  1. adore this oneee .. love the color and the name equally!

  2. hehehe yep I buy things for the name too. This is a lovely soft colour.

  3. Seriosuly lady, how often do you paint your nails? I'm so lazy, that's why shellac is the best thing ever invented (for me), Ionly haveto piant my nails every two weeks. :)

    1. Oh no, thats way too boring. I go mad after 2 days with the same color on!!

  4. Love the name of this and it's a pretty purple


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