Wednesday, February 22, 2012

El Cheapo Ebay Magnetic Polishes

I am a huge sucker for anything novelty related, so magnetic polish is way up my alley. But I am not spending $20+ for Nails Inc or other brands to get them to me in Australia.

This is where China eBay comes in! These colors cost me $4.10 each including shipping via Airmail.

#21. Each bottle comes with 2 magnets, a thin and a thick line.

#10. I sucked a little at the magnet to start off with and hit my nail a couple of times.....just ignore the messy application.

#19.  Horrid ring finger...sorry!  Bottom pic is in shaded natural light.

And #15. As you can see, the magnetised lines came out very subtle as compared to the other colors.

Overall, the colors I picked are nice, wearable, and generally magnetised well. I got them from this SELLER and shipping was fast.

Who else has purchased cheapo ebay polish and was it any good?


  1. Good you found some great priced magnetic polishes. They look pretty nice to me. Funny you kept hitting the same nail!

  2. These are beautiful colors, and magnetised so well! I haven't bought cheap polish though from ebay... yet.

  3. Wow, that's awesome! I'm placing an order right now...

    1. yay i got some cheap ones 12 bottles for $29 and 3 magnets :) havent used it yet but will test it out soon.

      p.s. thanks for the nail polishes you sent and the eye shadow :D its great.

      I love your site and dresses.


  4. I always hit my nail with those dang magnets, lol! Thanks for the review-- I was wondering about those non-name-brand magnetic polishes. They seem to have a wider colour range (and more vibrant colours) than China Glaze!

  5. I think I may need to get the hands on that blue!

    I only have one magnetic polish at the moment - Nails Inc as it were - and I hit my nail ALL the time XD

  6. Thank you for this post! I bought a few of them to try out. So excited to get them :)


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