Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ulta3 Magnetic Enchanted

Aussie company, Ulta3, have hopped onto the magnetic bandwagon. Their color range unfortunately just mimiced everyone elses colors so I wasn't drawn to any of them. I bought Enchanted just to see what they magnetised like.

This was one coat of Enchanted.  It magnetised well BUT not with the Ulta3 magnet.  I gave up on it and these pictures were taken using the China Glaze magnet. The upside is that the glitter is wonderful and is much more pronounced amongst the magnet design than any other brand I have tested.
2 coats of this color will give you a darker design.

Did any Aussie chicks get these?


  1. I had a polish that didn't play nice with it's own magnet either. Other magnets worked and the magnet worked with other polishes. Was the weirdest thing. I love how this one turned out, though! Very well defined! :)

  2. I've got this colour but haven't gotten around to using it yet. I actually found the Ulta3 star magnet easy to use on another polish but I'll have to see how my China Glaze one goes on this! Looks fantastic

  3. I got these. The magnet was a little tricky, I just held it in front of my nail for a bit longer. They have said on their facebook page that they are thinking of releasing a second magnetic collection. They were asking fans what colours they would like. :)

  4. Stupid slow Canberra - still haven't seen these in store. While I have enough magnetic polish to last my lifetime, I still feel compelled to get all of these Ulta3 Magnetics, just to keep my collection full!

  5. I have Enchanted and Hypnotic, and after trying it once I promptly ditched the magnet and raided the front of the fridge. The fridge magnets were so much stronger!


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