Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A HUGE Thrifty Bargain Week!

Last weekend saw a vintage fair being held in the next town over so we all jumped in the car and got there bright and early to snag these bargains!

Assorted 40's and 50's jewellery, nothing was over $8.

An armful of purses for $5 each.

Detailed bead work!

A scrummy yummy floral 50's hat for $5

 A 60's floor length rhinestoned evening gown for $5

A couple of headscarves for $2.  A lady cannot ever have enough headscarves!

A gorgeous 40's cooking book, $2.

A set of 4 china trios for $10

 Another ridiculously floral bright pink hat that I'll be daring enough to wear with the exact right dress someday.

2 fox fur collars, $5 each.

A 50's dress for Miss 12. $25

A modern 50's style Howard Showers dress with the $300 price tag still attached, $5.

A late 30's house dress for me, $25

A 50's faux fur coat, $7.50
And even tho it's much too big and bulky for little old me, a 60's coat for $8.

 2 rather racy deep scooped backed halter 70's maxi dresses, $5 each.

A cropped 50's faux lambs wool jacket for $10.
A sterling silver clothes brush, $5

And this arrived in the mail, a 40's Western celluloid necklace for $35.
What bargains have you guys scored this week??


  1. My God woman! So many bargains! So many treasures! I am totally impressed, and can't pick my favourite of your haul. Good on you!

  2. WOW! You've just scored jackpot! :) What a lot of fabulous treasures! :)

  3. Dear goodness, this is haul is so amazing awesome, I had to scroll through the snaps a second time to make sure what my eyes had seen the first time around was really the case. :) Seriously stellar finds, dear gal - you are one very, very lucky lady on the thrifting front!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Oh my goodness. Everything is to drool for. I especially love the 60s coat and the western necklace.

    Crikey, did your bargain beacon go off or what?! That's a hell of a pile of delicious loot! I love it ALLLLLLLLLLL and am positively green with envy! XXX

  6. Any one of those things would be great finds on their own, but all together and with those deals? Amazing!


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