Thursday, October 31, 2013

Appearances Can Be Deceiving...

See how insanely awesome China Glaze's Too Yacht To Handle is???  Well, admire from a distance Polish Queens cause this baby is DREADFUL.  I don't really bag a polish (very much) but this was truly terrible formula wise, completely streaky and patchy and required 4 coats to look anything halfway decent....I did 5 to try and even it out a bit.  See that tiny chip on my little finger?  That happened IMMEDIATELY  and within a few hours all nails had chipped.  UGHHHHH, this color went straight into the BIN.  Sorry China Glaze, your colors rock but you missed out big time with this one.

I stamped with Konad Warm Black and the glitter is China glaze Full Spectrum.
Did anybody else think this polish sucked big time? 


  1. Never tried it (and now I won't! LOL) But all crap formula aside, its a beautiful mani!

  2. Oh no! Shame as it's a beautiful colour.

  3. Love this mani! I will be striking this one off my wish list, it has been a colour I have wanted for a while now.

  4. Oh no, that's a pity, it's such a tremendously lovely, vibrant, feel good kind of colour. Sorry that it didn't work out at all for you, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Sometimes I wonder if it is a constant with the same colour or whether you just got a dud bottle? Haven't heard of anyone else having this much trouble with this one before. Curious!


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