Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub

Get clearer, healthier-looking skin in just two days.

Bioré® Blemish Clearing Scrub, with Skin Purifying Technology, exfoliates to target deep down dirt and oil that can cause blemishes without disturbing the skin's natural moisture barrier.
Formulated with polishing beads and fresh Mandarin Mint scent, this power scrub improves skin’s condition by cleansing for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion without damaging your skin.
Over the last 3 days I have been testing the Bioré® Blemish Clearing Scrub.  I was especially interested in trialling this product as pimples are, unfortunately, an issue I still have to deal with at 36 years of age.  Actually, I think I get them more often now than when I did as a teenager......what is UP with that?  

It contains small and soft beads in a fruity Mandarin base.  I was very surprised to find a Menthol cooling sensation on my skin, which felt very nice!  I then changed my routine from night to morning as it worked very well on clearing the cobwebs first thing in the morning shower.

Squeeze it out, and get it on!
In my opinion, this was more of a cleanser to me than a scrub.  I put my skin through a heavy workout every week with Microdermabrasion scrubs and monthly Acid peels, so this product was very tame for my skin. 

EEK, I'm naked!  Seriously, this was quite hard to show my freshly scrubbed makeup-less face.
My initial review after only 3 days of using it are quite positive.  It completely washed off all my makeup and waterproof eyeliner residue, so I fully intend on using it daily as a cleanser until the tube is empty.  My skin feels very soft immediately after washing and the cooling sensation leaves me on a little bit of a high.  It also smells nice and the beads are soft so it would appeal to all skin types.  I did not get any more breakouts in the 3 days while testing and the few I previously had seemed to dry up and disappear very quickly.   I am extremely interested in seeing how my skin goes in the next few weeks and if my dreaded hormonal blemishes clear up entirely.  
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  1. Oooh. As another adult acne sufferer I can see I'll have to give this a try in the near future. Bonus points for being a makeup remover!

  2. Getting waterproof eyeliner (or mascara) off is no small feet, especially if you're looking to skip oily products, so I'd be up for trying this product on that basis alone.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Glad to find someone else who gets hormonal pimples more now than as a teenager! It's sooo annoying! I'll be watching this spot for an update!

  4. You have nice skin, and you're very pretty without makeup! We're all harder on ourselves than others are on us, I think. You don't have to feel odd with a naked face at all. ;)

  5. I found this product drying (I have combination skin, not so prone to breakouts) and I also didn't like the smell. I was quite disappointed because I really like the Biore Balancing Cleanser, which I find to be much more gentle on my skin.


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