Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can Nubbins Rock Warhol??

So, yep.  I have nubbins.  Quite possibly the shortest nail length I have had in the last 3 years.  I am renovating our bathroom and am up to mosaicing the walls stage.  Constant digging thru small pieces of tile and fingers in gooey silicone make for very unhappy fingers.  So I am afraid my nails will have to wait to grow for a couple of weeks yet.

In the meantime here is a little bit of Neon Pink from Color Club's Warhol and a glittered nail from Voodoo Lacquer called 40 Miles to Vegas.  I stamped with a-England's Camelot, which I don't recommend as it comes out quite watery as you can see.


  1. Really cute mani and so are your nubbins. The glitter polish is so pretty.

  2. Your nubbins are lovely! I think that so long as one's nails are all in good shape and more or less similar in length, that matters more than having mile long talons.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I think this looks much nicer than a set of claws actually.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous- and I actually prefer shorter nails over longer ones. You're so talented! If you ever want to check out my beauty blog: pocketfulglitter.blogspot.com
    no judgement on the name haha


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