Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wiggle Dress and Holographic Shoes

This dress is in my 'too mumsy to wear' pile but I got told I look cute when I finally pulled it on......and I'm pretty happy to accept cute.

You can't see but my shoes are holographic and shine rainbow colors in the light.

50's wiggle dress: eBay
Shoes: Forever 21
Confetti Lucite jewellery: Etsy


  1. That dress is gorgeous! You look amazing in it! Please post some close ups of the shoes!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I have previously shown closeup pics but will make sure i do again next time!

  2. I love the dress! I don't think it looks too motherly. You look awesome!

  3. Honey with curves like that you'll never be 'mumsy'! ;)

  4. Too mumsy? Never! A wiggle dress on your curves is in no danger of looking "mumsy" I think. You look stunning.

  5. you look absolutely incredible! that dress is not mumsy at all you beautiful lady x


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