Sunday, March 30, 2014

The New Overnature Range by AVON: Swatches and Review

 "The new Overnature range from Avon includes 5 luscious lipsticks and a decadent palette, packaged with illustrative orchids.  Each of the 5 Autumn lipstick shades appears in incredible color and comes perfumed of purple orchids.  The combination of rose flower extract, pomegranate, peach and Vitamins A, C and E leave lips feeling petal soft."


Natural light.  From L to R:
Pink Lily, Bright Bellis, Cherry Berry, Tropical Coral and Orchid Fantasy.

Artificial light.

Pink Lily

Bright Bellis

Cherry Berry

Tropical Coral

Orchid Fantasy

The lipsticks were very easy to apply, very creamy and no need for multiple coats to get a rich shade of color.  The Cherry Berry is easily my favourite and perfect for our now Autumn and upcoming Winter.

"The Overnature palette are delicate soft hues of shimmering golds, a deep blue base for eyes and subtle pink tones for cheeks."

The eyeshadows were a little blah for me.  They needed several swipes to get a good color shade on my hand.  The blue does look brown in my photos, but it is a true navy blue.  The blushes were very nice, there is a very subtle rose pink and a warm coral.
The Avon Overnature range is available to purchase now, either through your Avon representative or by purchasing direct from the Avon website.  The lipsticks retail for $19.99 and the palette $12.99......but we all know that you very rarely pay full price for anything from Avon (wink, wink) so make sure you pick up a catalogue!


  1. Cherry Berry is really flattering and pretty!

  2. As pretty as the colours themselves are, you know, its the graphic, artistic packaging featuring orchids (one of my fave flowers) that appeals to me even more! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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