Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BLUE Spam!

I had no glass mojo today and my beads were coming out kinda sucky, so I shut down the kiln and contemplated tidying the house instead. That idea was instantly repulsive so I decided to paint my nails. I couldn't decide what color to do so just had a play with a few blues.

Orly Star of Bombay. You need to paint this polish on your fingers to understand why this polish is so freaking awesome. It's the most divine shade of Navy blue I have seen and it just slightly sparkles with a Navy shimmer....yummo. This was ONE coat! It's so heavily pigmented that only one is necessary. Instant love with this polish and I'm just bummed I didn't get it sooner!

OPI Dating A Royal. I can't see what the whole fuss is over this color actually. After 2 coats I still had VNL and it's a kind of washed out Blue color IMO. 2 coats.

Sally Hansen DVD, 1 coat over Orly Out of this World. How beautiful is this???!

OPI Russian Navy Suede. 1 coat of yummy suede divine-ness.

Le Beauty #168. This is 2 coat from Aussie brand Le Beauty. It's a navy jelly packed with silver glitter. The glitter is not showing up in my pictures but I'm comparing this polish to ChiChi Moondust.

Adrezia 29. This is a polish I got in Hong Kong and it has no name but 29 embossed on the bottom! A blue and silver foil and 2 coats.

Estillo #99. Another Hong Kong polish from Sasa. This color is beautiful and no matter how many pics I took, I couldn't capture the blue, purple and red teeny tiny micro glitter sparkle. 2 coats.

Happy Polishing!


  1. so many yummy colours! I love the look of that orly! the OPI dating a royal is pretty but vnl would annoy the heck out of me with such a nice colour.

  2. Wow!
    I really loved Sally Hansen nail polish

  3. Russian navy is divine...but I love all of them,I'm crazy about blue nail polishes :-)

  4. wow i love the Sally one!! i whish they would sell Sally here.. :( <--extreme sad face

  5. OMG DVD over Orly is absolutely AMAZING! This is a great post. I cannot get enough blue polish! Excpet for that Dating a Royal... it's kind of ... Meh...

  6. I love blue nail polish!!!! OPI RUssian Navy Suede is my favourite!

  7. All of these are incredible, except for OPI Dating a Royal. LOL.
    I especially love Orly Star of's definitely a staple navy blue.

    And I need some asian polishes in my life.

  8. Domesticgoddess. It did annoy the heck out of's going to the sell pile!

    Tjoyu. HK polishes are great! Just go to Sasa!

    Martje. They don't sell SH DVD in Australia either...I rely on swaps!

    Let them have polish. DVD looked so good over a dark purple, I was surprised. I was experimenting and things turn out good sometimes!

    Chaodbutterfly. Go to HK!!


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