Friday, October 22, 2010

Comparison: Nubar Forest & Nina Ultra Pro Salsa

I recieved these 2 polishes in the same week from swaps and they are both as gorgeous as each other. Only subtle differences but just enough to warrant a comparison test.
Nubar Forest is on my pointer and ring finger, Salsa is middle and pinky.

Depending on your light at the time, Salsa is a slightly lighter green. My photos were all taken under artificial light at night time. Nubar never fails to impress me with their formulas and colors. All the unique colors in my collection are Nubar. This is my first Nina Ultra Pro and am also impressed with it's formula and it was perfect in 2 thin coats.

In conclusion, both are wonderful, non gluggy creme formulas and perfect in 2 coats with just enough of a color difference between I say just get both if you are a Forest green lover like I am!

On a whole different note altogether, my daughter Isabelle got her braces off yesterday! Isn't she gorgeous and lookee at those perfect chompers!


  1. I agree, both are needed to be on the safe side :D

    Your daughter is beautiful, look at those eyelashes! 8-0 And of course the lovely straight white gnashers :)

  2. i love the nubar most... ur daughter is so pretty..and have a great smile XD

  3. Gorgeous colours and gorgeous smile :)
    Show off those beautiful teeth!!!

  4. She is so beautiful! :) What a beautiful smile, I'm glad she took of braces, I also had them and now I missed them. xD

  5. Your Little Princess is so Pretty!
    That color is the perfect green.

  6. Your Daughter is so beautiful!! Congrats to her on getting the braces off :)! These Greens are so beautiful and rich!

  7. pretty color and your daughter is beautiful. tell her to wear her retainers. some reason i didn't listen to my dentist and my teeth pretty much returned back. :-( i can sort of fit the bottom.. but i might have to get braces again on top. they moved soo much i cant even fit the retainer.

  8. Hey, Isabelle's teeth look great!! I'm only getting braces now at 33!!! xKylie (Zoe's friend)


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