Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ozotic Pro Swatches: Holo's, Multichromatics, Glitters & Cremes

I thought I'd throw some Australian branded nail polish spam in for everyone to look at. These are all swatches from Ozotic Pro and come from their permanent collection.
I've swatched all the colors I currently have, if anyone has any swatch pics they want me to add please email me.

First up, #80. This reminds me a bit of RBL Scrangie with that flashing blue/purple duochrome, but a brighter version of it. This was 2 coats.

Ozotics #224. This is a super girly pale pink with silver glitter. I am not a pale pink person but this was just lovely. 2 coats.

Holographic light Gold #604. Ozotic Holo's have a scattered effect, much like the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection. This is a gorgeous super light gold with rainbow sparkle. I've included a blurred pic to show the colors as my swatches were all done at night. 2 coats.

Holographic Red #600. 2 coats and my favourite scattered red holo...even nicer than Nubar Prize. 2 coats.

Holographic Pink #601. My fingers just don't do pinks. Again a scattered holo effect. 2 coats.

#212 a dense packed red glitter in a red jelly. 1 coat! RUBY PUMPS on speed!! Two coats would give perfect, thick coverage of a glitter packed nail.

#213 a dense packed grey silver glitter. 1 coat but 2 coats would be perfect.

#105 a bright LIME! Maybe a bit similar to OPI's What the Shrek? This was 3 coats.

#218 a Gold and Silver duochrome in the bottle but on the nails it was a bright Dark Gold Metallic.

#100 Robin's Egg Blue. 2 coats and needed a 3rd to cover a couple of bald spots. I included a non flash photo which shows it's true color a lot better than with a flash.

And cause I know you all clicked on this post to see some Multichromatic goodness, here's a peek of #504 over Black. #504 is a purple which flashes to pink and Blue. First 2 pics are with no flash, last pic is with flash under artificial light.

Multichromatic #506 over black. This is my personal favourite as it shows a lot more flashes of colors. This is a purple which flashes to green and pink. I tried to limit the pics but multichromatic's need lots of photos! Last photo has the flash.
There is only just enough difference between all 9 Multichromatics in the Ozotic Pro collection to justify wanting one of each!


  1. Robin's Egg Blue. *Drool* Super Want! And it looks so good on you. :)

  2. Very pretty, I really love the pale pink w silver sparkles!

  3. Oh my Oh my Oh my....I so am in love with those multi-chromes. Truly beautiful.

  4. Thanks so much for these swatches! Ozotic swatches are so hard to find and the little chart they have is not great (from what I've seen in pics of it).

  5. Oooo... I love these!! Especially the Black one! I love the holos too... Will have to try to hunt these down. Thanks for the reviews and swatches.

  6. Holy crow! What I'd do to get my hands on these!!!

  7. Oooh Ozotics are always so nice!!!

  8. Millie. Ozotics color chart is about as useful as titties on a bull!
    I wish I was sent ALL the colors just so I could swatch them!

  9. Ooh, these all look amazing! I especially love the holos and glitters, but they're all gorgeous.

  10. Number 80 looks a lot like number 27. An I totally love Ozotics!! Wish I had more of them. Going to hunt them down :D

  11. love these colors! swooning over #80

  12. Oohh my gosh. I love them. Wow. Excuse me I need to go pick my jaw off of the floor.

  13. My favourites are Robin Egg's Blue and Number 80. Loveee.

  14. I love 504 the best :-)
    But 213 & 105 are also great color

  15. Help!
    The lemmings are attacking! They bite me! Glulrg.. *sliding down in a pool of blood (polish)*


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