Friday, October 29, 2010

OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ

I got this in Nicole's blogsale from Magic Maid as a kind of after thought but it has immediately gone to the list of my all time Top Fav's!
This is the color I have been searching for in William Tell Me about OPI, Lincoln Park...both of them, and Give Me Moor. It's wonderfully cremey and the perfect vamp Burgundy color.
This was 3 coats and stamped with Dark Red Konad. You can see that the Konad is so subtle and hardly stands out...which is exactly what I was going for!!
No top coat.


  1. I love it, very mature & elegant =D

  2. I love konading like this! I don't think I have that OPI, I might need to get it though!

  3. I really like the subtle stamping. And this color is amazing and just perfection on your nails

  4. Thank you Ivania!

    I think so too Ayari!

    Jen, Don't ya love it when you don't know if you have a certain color in ya stash?!

    Let them have polish. Thanks sweetie!

  5. very pretty color. The konad is very subtle but still pretty with out looking dull and not there

  6. I've been curious about this colour for awhile. And I adore it on you! Looks just riiight. Konad makes it so exquisite.

  7. I really love the konading you did! <3

  8. That konading colour combo looks like a rich brocade fabric and I love it!


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