Sunday, January 2, 2011

GOSH Silver

First of all, I apologise for my poor excuse of a pointer fingernail. Look at it! Just when I get my nails all the same length and looking nice, one of them breaks...guaranteed. *Insert an anguished cry, sigh or moan*

Again, thanks to Smita I got this super blingy, Minx like silver from Gosh called...Silver. I know, original.

In my collection I have several bright foil finish silvers which include: Aussie brand NYC in Snazzle, LA Girls Sterling Silver and an unlabelled Diamond Cosmetics. I'm not counting China glaze Millenium as that's a smooth metallic finish.
Gosh Silver seems to be the most blingy and brighter than the rest but I really do think a comparison is in order. It will have to wait as I am in Queensland going to theme parks and playing on the beach.

I Konaded it with some Warm Black and added 1 coat of Seche QD.


  1. Huge LIKE! :) Thumbs up for blingy silvers!

  2. where can i get this?! amazing.

  3. omg i wish i thought of this!! love ittt!

  4. That looks amazing, what plate is this?

  5. Court. Yah, me lub blingy silvers!

    Chantelle. I am not sure bu aI think Gosh is predominately a UK brand. I think it is available in Canada in some places....maybe someone else can chip in any more sugesstions?

    Cathryn. You can copy it!

    Thanks snow0016!

    Elize. This is a Bundle Monster plate which is available on Amazon.

  6. Oh these are great, is the warm black a konad colour? None of my black polishes stamp well, so I think I'll have to buy the konad stuff.

  7. I love it! Looks like minx. The stamping looks good over it too :)


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