Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Bettie Bangs!

I chopped my fringe ( or that's bangs to you USA people ) in the Bettie Page style, doing the U shape. I didn't go high enough on the sides and went too short length wise, so I have to wait for it to grow out before chopping the sides a bit higher to emphasise the effect. I also think I have to add more hair into the fringe to make it sit a little higher.

Whatcha all think? Does it suit?? Do I need to add more hair?

As this is me doing a 50's retro style. I had it in pin curls overnight, brushed it out in the morning until it reached my shoulders then sprayed a little with hairspray and added a red rose on one side. By mid afternoon it had dropped to sitting over my shoulders which was the height I was happy with.
FYI, MAC Ruby Woo lippie!

Anyone else doing the Bettie Page style?


  1. Hahaha you look so much like her in the first picture! You look so gorgeous!!!

    I would add just a tiiiiny bit of hair to it so it gets more dense. But if you're happy with it, let it be, it's gorgeous!!!

  2. Yep, I think more hair is needed as Bettie's fringe seemed to start up a lot higher.
    Thanks Sarah!

  3. That's so funny... I did mine on Saturday and had the SAME problem!!
    I'm going in tomorrow to have the rest of my hair cut (I can't do the back myself) so I'll see if they can make it a little more Bettie.

  4. *wolf whistles* you look GREAT lady!! It just suits you to a T! I love the 50s look but I could never pull it off.

  5. Glitzkrieh. Yay for me not being the only one chopping a fringe wrong! I would love to see a pic of yours, email me!

    Cathryn. Thanks dudette!

    Chelle. Yeah, 50's seem to suit me...i should have been born 2 generations ago! I get a few weird looks from people, but its usually from people who look like trash wearing tracksuit pants out shopping so I just laugh to myself!

  6. Love it! If you add more just do a tiny bit and I think you'll have just what you're aiming for

  7. Pretty! But isn't it a lot of work to get it right every morning?

  8. Você esta linda!!! amei!!


  9. Love it!
    You look so beautiful!
    Muy Bonita!!!

  10. Ha Ha! yeah we call it bangs, Looks good to me :)

  11. Also, I want that lippie it's on my makeup wishlist. Do you like it?

  12. Yes... add more hair and make it a bit longer than the "under fringe" - Bette's bangs were longer, and the shorter hair underneath will give lift/curl to the longer bits on top. More mascara, too (or fake eyelashes!) - great look for you!


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