Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Touch Blue Make It True

I bet you are asking yourself, what the hell title is that??? It's the name of today's nail polish! I know, it's so lame it's making me walk with a limp.

This is 3 coats of Touch Blue Make It True by Australian brand BYS, which is a gorgeous vivid blue. I added White Konading and ChG 2030 with 1 coat of Seche QD. My poor pointer! It's getting smaller.....damn peelies.


  1. your nails are like THE perfect petite shape!

  2. I love the blackground color,pretty blue!!

  3. Ugh Kellie! My pointer is refusing to grow, it's driving me insane! Thanks tho!

    Thx In Palace!

  4. This blue is adorable!
    Your nails are looking good!

  5. you done made me lol with "so lame it's making me walk with a limp"

  6. I love the konad you did. This blue is so very vibrant!

  7. Erica. It's so bright!

    Carolina. Thanks girlfriend!

    Peripatetic33. That saying is almost as lame as the polish name!!

    Rachel. Much brighter IRL even.

    Thanks glitterM!

  8. Really pretty blue :) Weird name though lol :/
    SUPER amazing konadicure BTW, AMAZZZINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!
    Lovin' the bow <3

  9. this mani... is... ahh-mayyyy-zing!

  10. Oh how I love blue nails, so pretty and fresh!


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