Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pin Up Couture Train Case

So here is my new makeup case I decided I deserved. It's made by Luxe DeVille for Pinup Couture and I bought it from jbrclothing.com. It's red glitter and leopard satin interior with 2 levels.

The top level I use to store all my pencils, primers and face bits and pieces.

The second level stores all my eyeshadow.

I can't quite fit everything in...I still have a few palettes, my brushes and quite a few lippies I don't know what to do with. Anyone got any suggestions??

It's excellently made with feet on the bottom to protect it and plastic lining over the satin. It's a little small for me but it's big to start off with...I guess it's either downsize (NO) or go buy a fishing tackle box!!

So, has anyone else got a vintage train case and what do you use it for?


  1. Oooh it looks awesome. I love the leopard on the inside! =)

  2. omg i love this it would be perfect for a weekend away :)


  3. Beautiful case!
    Love the leopard pattern on the inside.

  4. omg amazing!



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