Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Freddies Of Pinewood

Finding Vintage style jeans in Australia just does not happen. No Pinup online stores stock them and finding authentic Vintage ones from the 40's is also impossible. I stumbled across Freddies Of Pinewood when cruising another Vintage site and almost cried....proper 40's jeans...in MY size!!

So, of course I bought up...big. I did need them after all. Freddies also reproduce 50's tops from original patterns so I bought some of those too. I NEEDED them as well! And if Anne Hathaway has publicly said that she can't live without Freddies Of Pinewood jeans, then I can't either.

After convincing myself that my 4'11" frame wouldn't look *too* OompaLoompa-ish if I wore dungarees, I bought some. Am I kidding myself?? Miss almost 10 said I looked cute which is HUGE, she normally disapproves of my 'old lady' clothes.
Of course I wore them with red, Victory Rolls, lots of flowers, jingling bakelite bangles and red lipstick.

I couldn't decide if they looked better with the cuffs rolled up or down....any opinions...please?

Front bib detail. They even include a gorgeous gingham hanky for the front pocket! The dungarees are EXTREMELY comfortable. They are also very fitted, with zip and button at the hips to give you maximum curve detail and the crossover straps at the back make your bottom look quite juicy. That's according to the husband anyway.
Be prepared to get LOTS of comments...I've worn these twice this week and both times was stopped repeatedly!

My order was to be shipped in 3 parcels as it was quite heavy and shipping was 75 GBP. Freddies felt sorry for me for having to pay so much shipping that he gave me another 20% off my order. I was completely stoked, forever grateful and immediately became a loyal customer. It was a random nice thing to do and I felt very thankful. Hopefully this post pays back a little of Freddies kindness and makes my Vintage buddies run out and stock up just like I did!

Dungarees: Baby Doll by Freddies Of Pinewood
Red Cardi: Living Dead Souls
Accessories: 40's lucite Lobster pin, hair flowers & Bakelite bangles all from eBay
Lippie: MAC Ruby Woo

I'm heading back there soon to pick up these. Yummo.
Make sure you all check out the sale section...CHEAP.


  1. Gorgeous!!!
    I want it!



  2. I love your style, of course, and I think I prefer them uncuffed, they make your legs look longer! But perhaps they could be hemmed up a little so you can still see your cute shoes?? :)

  3. I also prefer the dungarees uncuffed. You look so adorable. My Mother was only 4'11". She never had an outfit like that but she looked just as adorable. She never wore pants until she was in her 40's. I used to have a pair of jeans from the 50's. They were my Uncle's and my Mother was supposed to hem them. I found them in the attic and tried them on and they fit. I loved those jeans. I love your outfits. What's next?


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