Friday, April 1, 2011

My Favourite Dress by Bernie Dexter

This dress by is the bestest dress I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Ever. Look at it, it's gorgeous! I call it my happy dress as how can anyone ever be in a bad mood wearing a dress like this?
Everytime I wear it I get a plethera of people telling me it's beautiful, so it boosts my ego and that's all good. 
There is actually no red in this dress, but I put red into every outfit I put on and red seems to bring out the flowers nice in this one.

Bernie Dexter is one of the most recognised modern pinup models and she, like the rest of us, finds it hard to source vintage outfits so she now makes her own. Each piece has a limited run and once they are sold, they are gone!
She has just released another 'Landscape' Blaize dress which I have promptly snatched up, along with a couple of other things...but that's another story, and one that we won't tell the husband.

Dress: Landscape dress by Bernie Dexter
Shoes: Naughty Monkey, Highpoint Shopping Centre
Belt: Vintage repo from eBay
Satin Bolero: Seven Angels, Bendigo
Petticoat: Any 19" fluffly white crinoline petticoat will suit this dress.

What's YOUR favourite dress? And send me the link so I can go buy one!


  1. I don't own this dress, but I really want it! :)

  2. I am a Bernie Dexter JUNKIE. See me in her red bettina dress on her website (I think it is the first picture she has up right now). I am totally addicted to BERNIE FASHION. You should try the Bettina dress... it fits nice and has built in boobie support for us busty gals. :)
    This summer swing dress looks SO cute on you. Thanks for sharing

  3. i am in love with this dress, i can see why you like it so much. after writing this comment i am off to check her website! i cant wait to see the other fun things that she has.

    and i love that you incorporate red into everything, its my favorite color ! :)

  4. This dress is just wonderful!
    But I would prefer it without this red belt ;)

  5. Michelle. That looks very vampy! I could see by boobs pouring out of that one!

    Thx Skulda!

    LilyFawn. I have wondered what that would look like on a big boobied you have a full frontal pic you can email me?

    Thanks Emily! Red is def the bomb.

    Orlica. You are probably right!

    Thx Helena!

  6. This dress is gorgeous! I bet you find yourself twirling all the time!

  7. THe Bernie Dexter dress is gorgeous and you look fabulous in it! - Bernie kindly agreed to be 'the face' of my website which is classified ads for all things vintage and retro. There are some great listings on there and a subscription is only £10 - valid for a whole year with no commission!! I am hoping that it will catch on,so please, spread the word to your friends :-), Many thanks, Pamela

  8. This is absolutely my favourite dress i have seen you in! and "plethora" is one of my favourite words haha! I dont htink it matters that theres no red in this dress, you pull it together perfectly.

  9. Wow! I freeking love it! The fabric is amazing!

    Saw a link for your blog, that Bernie Dexter herself posted and just had to check out your blog... love it!

    I also write a blog, if you have a spare min, i would love to hear from you.

    Aislinn xxx

  10. The first time i saw this dress i felt like i should die if i couldn´t buy it! It`s so damn fabulous & you wear it so well! have a nice weekend!

  11. Wow, I've never seen a dress like that before! I'm definitely going to check it out as I'm looking into getting a dress or two custom made...So many custom fitted dresses you can order on etsy for a price a store-bought-dress! smile, Virginie

  12. That has got to be the prettiest spring dress ever! Love it! ;)

    Wish I had a picture of my favorite dress, but it's 19th century/Regency inspired.
    Then I got this other cute dress which I haven't worn yet since I got it when it was getting a bit too cold to wear it. It's not for sale anywhere any more, it was part of this vintage inspired collection by a Swedish clothing brand called Kappahl. It's the dress at the very bottom(it's even prettier in person):

  13. I've never heard of Bernie Dexter. This is really gorgeous! You look fantastic. Such a pretty feminine dress. Your hair and makeup looks wonderful also. You can be a pin up girl yourself.

  14. Domesticgoddess. Too old for twirling, I just get dizzy!

    Lemonyemily. Thanks dude!

    Pamela. Looks great, will bookmark it and check it out often.

    Boo Boo Kitty. Heading over there now!

    Thanks Martina and Cherish!

    Vivibijoux. Etsy has some gorgeous customs, have fun!

    Olivia. Love that dress, will have to go Google Kappahl!

    Thanks Lucy, you are always lovely!

  15. Not my style of clothing - but I gotta compliment YOU!! You look outstanding in every choice you create - your hair is really, really looking good - the rolls on the sides are perfect - and your bead bracelets the other day -OMG! and I have a sharp eye for detail - you have it all girl - talent, creativity, family and landscaping! Kimmer K

  16. What a lovely dress! From the dresses I own (which isn't a lot, I don't have that much to spend) my favourite one is this dress:
    I'm loving Hell Bunny dresses, they're really quite affordable (even for me) and I love all the designs. Still need to get myself a petticoat to go with this dress though, but I'm hoping I'll get one for my birthday. :)

  17. Wow, thanks Kimmer K. That's so nice of you and I am really touched and embarrassed to read it!

    That's a great dress Ilse! I have one almost similar by Hell Bunny but it's black with red polkadots.


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