Tuesday, April 5, 2011

T.B.N Green Fluoro & Konad

I was craving a green but wasn't too sure on which shade, when I decided to bite the bullet and go for an untried. In this case it was an untried because it was fluoro colored and I hadn't yet had the guts to go there.

This is 2 coats of Australian brand, T.B.N (Totally Beautiful Nails) Green Fluoro. It turned out rather a gorgeous color but of course, I didn't stop there. I added a coat of Nfu-Oh #40 flakies.

And then Konaded it with Warm Black and some XL stamping plates. I won't go into the matte coating in between then the Seche QD before the stamping....all up I had 8 coats of polish on there!

The formula was beautiful and 2 coats was more than enough, which is rare for a fluoro to be so pigmented. Again I am amazed at these cheap Aussie brands, for $2.50 this one makes high end brands hang their head in shame.

And talking about cheapo Aussie brands reigning supreme, I have a whole week of reviews coming up from BYS and MODE. Stay tuned!


  1. Eee! This is the perfect spring green :D.

  2. Oops!! Looks nice for summer!
    Love the designs.

  3. OMGsh - this is a killer green! It looks like China Glaze "In the Limelight" - one of my most fave greens!

    great stamping!!!!!


  4. I like green polish although I prefer the pinks and purples...lol

    But that konad makes every colour really nice! S2

    xoxo from brazil


  5. Love this shade of green. Greens are my favorite. This really looks so pretty on you. I also love the Konad. Looks so amazing.


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