Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ozotic Pro Elytra Collection

Ozotic Pro, those people that have brought us the coolest multichromes ever, have released a new collection called Elytra. They were released last week and I finally got to have a play last night.
All swatches are over 1 coat of a generic black and 2 coats of the Elytra.


This one is my fav. It changes from predominantly blue to green to pink to gold. It's absolutely gorgeous and so much nicer IRL.


Fuschia to gold to purple to green.


Green to purple to blue to pink.

The Elytra ideally needs as many thin coats as you can give them, the more coats the better the color shift. Seche QD also has a serious shrinkage problem with these polishes, just a tip if that's your regular top coat!

I purchased these online from australianbeautysupplies for $8.50 each. This is, I understand, almost half the price of what other online retailers sell them for.
For much clearer pics please see Jacie's post here.


  1. Jesus! I paid like 15 each for them... Far out!

  2. That first one is insane! I must get it!

  3. I need to have that first one! My heart dropped when I saw it! They are all amazing though.


  4. Hi <3
    All you nail-bloggers have inspired me, so I have opened a nail-blog too! It would mean a lot to me if you take a look (And leave a comment even if my blog is on norwegian) <3 Big hugs from Thea (PS: Sry my bad english!)

  5. wow! it really remind me of outer space.. again.. ^_^ so starry and beautiful...

  6. Hot damn I need to get my hands on these. The first two are amazing!

  7. They're all so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. OKay, it hurts me to see 528 as I really want it in my stash. These are awesome swatches, thank you. :)

  9. Wow, these are so pretty. #530 is the prettiest to me.

  10. I am so in love with 528! I can't believe you got these for $8.50 each! :)

  11. I tried to go to australianbeautysupplies but it just says business closed! could you post the actual URL address? I'm desperate to get these but they're so expensive on picture polish! Thanks!

  12. 528 & 529 are just to die for :-D

  13. Really need to get myself some of these.

  14. Hey Carli,
    Can you send me the link for that beauty supplies store?? I tried to google them, but I cant find them ??

    thanks :D


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