Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ooooh Baby

With all the nude OPI swatch pics being posted from their new Femme de Circque collection, I thought I'd give us Aussies a cheapo alternative.

Australian brand Mode has released some amazing colors recently, the formula has been divine and the pigmentation has been amazing at almost everything I've swatched being a one coater.
And all this for $2. In Australia a $2 nail polish is a big deal...nothing here is $2 makeup wise. The last Mode nail polish I wore was while on holiday and it last for 6 days without chipping....seriously.

So it may come as no surprise that everytime I pop into my local chemist I may stock up on a few...some....lots???

Artificial light and flash
Sunlight, no flash.

After all of that, this new one from Mode called Ooh Baby was a 3 coater. If I wasn't going to stamp over it, a fourth coat would have been necessary to cover the last few bald spots. Other than that, this has been on for 3 days now and it hasn't even got any wear let alone any chipping.
I Konaded it with China Glaze Emotion from the Romantique collection and added 1 coat of Seche QD.

Even tho I am not a pink girl AT ALL, don't own any pink clothes or particulary like the color, I am loving this color on my nails.  After bright colors all the time a nice pale, nudish pink is a lovely change.

For my Australian followers, my local Chemmart chemist stocks dozens on dozens if not hundreds of these babies with a 2 for $4 deal. Also I have seen them in Price-attack hairdressing stores. I am guessing all Chemmart pharmacies would stock these, if you can't find them and are desperate, email me and I can send some along!


  1. I get Mode polishes from the chemist on campus from time to time, and the last one I bought cracked me up. It was mislabeled 'Silk Hampagne' which actually suited the colour rather well!

  2. so beautiful!!! i like the stamp.

  3. Cute combo! The stamp polish is gorgeous...

  4. I love how elegant and delicate your nails looks.
    The design is just perfect!

  5. Oooh pretty !
    I like the fact it's so subtle :)
    Xx. S

  6. That's a very nice nude, and I really like the stamping!

  7. Ohmmmm! This is a nice nude! :D

    I am writing in english on my blog, if you want to visit me sometime you'll be very welcome!

    xoxo from brazil!

  8. I love this polish and the stamping. The Mode polishes you sent me are fanfreakingtastic.

  9. I walk past Price Attack on my way to work... um, I have kind of built up a collection of Mode polishes xD for $2 how can you resist!

  10. Love it!

    Just started using Konad, but if you would like to check out my designs...

  11. That's a really pretty nude shade. I like the stamp over this. Gorgeous manicure.

  12. That stamp is so lovely! Where is it from?

  13. i love nude shades and this one is amazing! there is a nail polish in the states that i get for $2 , but i never really see anyone post about it, but i do love it, i just bought some actually :)

    i do love the stamping you used on this as well!

  14. Like the nude pink and definitely like the konading! You're very lucky to have a Mode stockist nearby which has so many of these babies and for so cheap! Mode seems to be very hard to find around my area and when I do find the occasional bottle it's always $2.50 and an awful shade!

  15. Very nice!! What plate did you use? Is this original Konad plate???


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